Friday, December 16, 2016

Paranormal Romance Novel on sale for 99cents!

RED MOON, R.K. Close's latest release, is .99cents this weekend only! Purchase your ecopy today before he price returns to $3.99! Click here to purchase.

She knows what hides in the shadows…and now they know about her…

Private Investigator Samantha Chase has defeated one immortal killer. But just when Sam believes the danger has passed, a wave of deadly animal attacks throws the city of Phoenix into panic. Are these deaths the result of a wild animal, or something…premeditated?

Gone without a trace…

When a college student goes missing, Sam is hired by the family to find her, but she gets more than she bargains for. Sam quickly discovers the mysterious Taylor family hides dark secrets. Secrets they protect at all costs.

Dreams have power…

Things are heating up between Sam and her vampire boyfriend Adam. Brought together by a chance encounter, they now walk a fine line between the human world and the preternatural. All the while, her strange gift is growing stronger. But as Sam tries to embrace her dreams in order to solve her case, her powers begin to show her visions she doesn’t want to see…visions about Adam.

Ghosts from his past…

Samantha is confident she can find the girl, fend off a stalker, and maybe even stop a turf war…until the unthinkable happens. Adam has disappeared and Samantha finds herself the target of a powerful and vengeful adversary. 

Will Sam find Adam before it’s too late—or will she lose him forever?

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