Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cover Reveal and Pre-Order!

We are very excited to reveal today the SMOKING HOT cover of 
BLOOD AND TEARS by Jamie Zakian! 

Redbird Designs did a fabulous job!

Pre-Order Available Today!

Sasha ran, but it wasn’t far enough…

Fifteen months have passed since Sasha Ashby left the holler. Now she’s a member of the Lazzari family, the biggest crime syndicate in America. Sasha has a new girlfriend and a new life, and she thinks she’s left her past behind her forever. That is until her old lover Vinny Archer shows up on the streets of the Queens.

Now the past has returned to collect its debts…

One glimpse of Vinny’s broken stare lures Sasha back to the holler, back to the life she fought so hard to forget. But her troubles didn’t disappear when Sasha did, and when she leaves the Lazzari Family’s protection, every angry mobster, vengeful federal agent, and deranged family member has an open target.

When you have nothing left to lose, you can either lie down and die, or you can kill those who took it from you…

The trip back home leaves Sasha broken, both mentally and physically, and ignites the strongest burn of vengeance in her chest. Driven by fury, Sasha dives headfirst into a massacre. But the ones responsible for her pain may not be the ones she thinks.

Blinded by blood and tears, Sasha can’t see the pit of darkness she’s plunging into until it’s too late.

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