Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SUCKER PUNCH by Ana Layne is FREE!


Austin Moran knows a thing or two about hardships…

After his cousin stole the girl he thought would be his, life delivered another crushing blow, and he lost his right arm in an accident. As a fighter, it was hard to say which loss was more devastating. One thing is for sure, though—life sure hasn’t been what he expected. 

Paige Holden is fresh out of nursing school and living her dream…

Former acquaintances, Paige and Austin are out with friends one night when their paths cross again. Pleased by the unexpected reunion, they quickly fall into an easy conversation. But Paige is keeping one secret—despite feeling unexpectedly comfortable with Austin, she’s not ready to reveal she has a four-year-old daughter by a guy who skipped out when he learned she was pregnant.

With the odds stacked against them, it’s a struggle to rebuild their lives…

Paige is relieved that Austin isn’t bothered when he finds out about her daughter. But what does bother him is the difficulty of trying to build a relationship when he no longer knows who he is or where his life is headed. Paige wants to support Austin in pursuing his dreams…if he can only figure out what they are. 

Is there any hope he can still pursue the only path he’s ever known? And can their love possibly survive if life decides to deal them one more dirty sucker punch?

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