Thursday, December 22, 2016

A FREE novel from Amanda Mackey!

Dakota Livingston’s whole world has been turned upside down…

After realizing she’s the sole survivor of a plane crash—the plane that was to take her to her injured father—her will to live is put to the test as she floats out at sea for days with no water or food.

Ready to give up, she’s rescued by some fisherman from a nearby island. Waking up, not knowing where she is and with no communication with the outside world, Dakota befriends a 12 year old native boy who has secrets hauntingly similar to her own.

As their friendship grows it becomes clear just how similar their lives are.

In a race against time, with recovery underway, Dakota is desperate to save Daniel from his own demons and return to the love of her life who has given her up for dead. 

Can one woman’s sheer grit and determination overcome all odds?

In celebration of CHRISTMAS, LOSING YOU by Amanda Mackey is FREE through the holiday weekend! 
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  1. What an amazing and generous offer from Amanda Mackey and Limitless Publishing! Thank you!