Friday, December 23, 2016

Family Ties (Flesh & Blood Trilogy Book 2) is FREE!

Give yourself the gift of reading this Christmas! Start with Christina Morgan's FREE novel: Family Ties (Flesh & Blood Trilogy Book 2)! Click here to download!

Libby Carter can’t hide from small-town gossip after being suspected in her husband’s murder…

Libby heads to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to open her own private investigation firm and live out her life in peace. But her father soon calls her back to Kentucky with a promise to finally break his silence about the murders for which he’s serving a life sentence.

Libby hopes to learn the truth about the murders in her father’s own words…

When her father bares his soul, Libby sets out on a new journey—to learn the truth about her family history. Along the way, she uncovers a dark family secret. One that her father has kept hidden her entire life. 

Family ties are strong, but not unbreakable…

Does the evidence lead to the peace Libby seeks? Or will she be forced to permanently cut family ties?

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