Friday, December 9, 2016

An MC novel on sale for .99 cents!

Fighting Destiny (Forsaken Sinners MC Series Book 2) by Shelly Morgan is ON SALE for 99 CENTS today! Purchase today!

With a dark past of abuse, Toby Smith full-on raged against life.

After years of neglect from his junkie mother, Toby turned to the one thing that made his fury go away—mixed martial arts. Now, as an adult, he lives and breathes his training club and fighting, inside or outside of the cage. But when a mousy blonde walks into his gym for a self-defense class he's teaching, that all fades away.

Sara Carmichael was always a doormat—until the day she took her life back.

Struggling to cope with years of physical and emotional abuse from a boyfriend, things take a turn for the worse. Drunk and in rare form, he nearly violates her in unspeakable ways. So she leaves and escapes from New York to California, hoping it’s far enough away that he won't find her.

Sparks fly in the most uncommon places.

When Sara and Toby meet, they never expected it would be in a sweaty gym. When they are together, Toby feels things he can’t understand. But when Sara’s past clouds their present, will she be strong enough to defend her new life? Or will Toby snap and become the man she’s always feared?

It’s one thing to fight for love, but it’s another when you’re…Fighting Destiny.

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