Monday, July 24, 2017

Now Open for Submissions for a Horror and Dark Fiction Anthology

Limitless Publishing is accepting story proposals for the horror and dark fiction anthology 13: Resurrected. Completed stories should be 10,000 words (7,500 minimum, 12,000 maximum, with 10,000 as the ideal length).
We are looking for original, dark, delightfully disturbed stories ranging from classic horror to dark, urban fantasy style. In keeping with the theme, the story should feature elements involving something or someone back from the dead. Examples might include zombies, vampires, revenants, ghouls, a dead person reappearing years later and appearing unchanged, a demon or being capable of raising the dead, etc.
Interested authors should submit the following in a single Word document:
·      A description of your planned story, not to exceed 500 words, including the premise, key plot points, and resolution of the story (Please do not send the full story yet, if it is complete)
·      Author’s recent publishing history
·      Author’s current social media links
DEADLINE to submit the story proposals is August 1, 2017.
Proposals should be sent to
Authors will be notified on or about August 7 if their story has been selected.
Authors will then have until September 25, 2017 to send their completed, edit-ready story.
Tentative release date is planned for December 19, 2017.

Please email for more information.

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