Thursday, April 20, 2017

Magical by Michael Weekly Cover Reveal

As the final battle approaches, will corruption prevail?

MAGICAL by Michael Weekly
Mystical Series #3
Releasing May 9th from Limitless Publishing
Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Designs

Is there a witches’ brew that can save a pure heart trapped in hell?

Of the many deadly things that are part of a witch’s training, Eliza Rose has done almost all of them. She’s killed her mother to save herself, danced with death countless times, and fallen in love with her archenemy. But she still hasn’t learned to control the evil myth within her, which has the power to drag her to corruption. Now war is approaching, and Eliza must figure out which side she’s on.

The world is shifting. Mystics and Verel witches are causing havoc…

Eliza’s father schemes in the depths of Ravamere. But how can she defeat him if she can’t control the dark magic in herself? The only one she can trust to help her stay pure is Donovan Verel, the man bound by the laws of his people to slay her.

To end evil once and for all, Eliza must return to the place she’s been warned to avoid—Ravamere…

Eliza’s enemies know her weaknesses. When she loses control and her myth side breaks free, she’s trapped in Ravamere. Faced with her father’s plans to unleash his corrupt mystics in the real world, she must decide if she is willing to risk herself to save the ones she loves. Or will she fall to corruption, as her father did before her?

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