Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Adapting Desires by Amanda Lance is #99c!

Purchase today for only 99 cents! 
They thought the difficult, winding path to happiness was behind them…
Kasper and Emilia Zafar endured countless challenges to be together, and are happily married with a blissful lifetime before them. Following their honeymoon, they return to school and work, anticipating nothing but blue skies ahead.

A frightening situation has the potential to grant Kasper’s dearest wish…

Injured in an accident, Kasper is told the repair to his facial injury can not only repair the damage, but also reconstruct his disfigurement which has always haunted him. Emilia is concerned, however, reluctant for her husband to risk his health for his appearance, and their argument drags other buried issues to light, threatening to drive the newlyweds apart.

Conflicting goals and shadows from the past jeopardize their future…

Kasper’s health and the debate over starting a family are already causing turmoil, when Emilia’s estranged mother re-enters the fray. Emilia hopes reconciliation with the manipulative alcoholic represents a step forward, but it might be yet another source of chaos in their lives.

Kasper risks his health, and Emilia risks her emotional well-being, but can their love—and the newlyweds—survive? While they fight to resolve mounting conflicts and strengthen their bond, others are hell-bent on burning it all to the ground.

Can love truly conquer all…
Or is adapting simply too much to ask?

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