Saturday, June 20, 2015

BETTER THAN REVENGE by Taylor Henderson

★★ BETTER THAN REVENGE by Taylor Henderson ★★

Now available from Limitless Publishing...

Ever since Violet Forrester first moved next door to Brianna, she has been tortured relentlessly…

It seems like Brianna has everything, and yet she still doesn’t have the one thing she really wants; the one thing that Violet cares about the most—Blake Edwards.

After years of letting Brianna walk all over her, Violet’s finally had enough. She’s tired of sitting back and watching Brianna flirt with her boyfriend, steal her friends, and push her around. She’s finally ready to stand up for herself.

To do this, Violet and her new friend, Lena, devise a plan to make Brianna realize that not everything is hers for the taking, and Violet knows the perfect way to do it…

After all, nothing is better than revenge.

That is, until someone gets hurt.

Limitless Website:

Taylor Henderson is a twenty-year-old college student that was born and raised in Northern Virginia. She has been an adamant reader and writer since she was young, and has always found solace in the worlds and characters that other authors have brought to life in their works. Taylor is currently working on the sequel to Better Than Revenge, Scarlet Awakening, as well as other co-written stories.

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