Thursday, January 19, 2017

Atonement is 99c!

Download your Kindle copy of ATONEMENT by Selene Chardou for less than $1 today! 
Tragedy not only changes you, but the course you thought your life would take…

Deirdre Bardot had her whole life mapped out, but that was before her father was killed in a horrific hit and run accident. Forced to flee college on the East Coast, she settles back in Seattle with her sister and stepmother. The grief and anger is still there, though, following her every step.

After spending time with her psychiatrist, she is convinced she needs to get away for a while. Not only will it help her get over her depression, but travel might just be the catharsis she needs to overcome her father’s death.

Colin Van Der Meer only wants to help his friend start living her life again…

Deirdre thought a European vacation would solve all her problems, but it turns out all she really needed was Colin. She never thought her friend would change her life in the way he did, nor did she ever imagine falling in love with him. Deirdre finally feels as if she hit a turning point, but Colin’s been holding something back. A secret that could ruin everything.

Paris is a dream, and reality waits for them in Seattle…

Colin knows he has to come clean with Deirdre. Will the truth destroy everything the two lovers have built together, or will love be strong enough to atone for Colin’s mistake?

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